Toronto’s DMZ launches Playbook sales accelerator for startups

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The DMZ has announced the official launch of Playbook, a sales accelerator targeting tech startups.

Over the last five months, the pilot version of the Playbook program has worked to help startups double or triple their MRR (monthly recurring revenue), increase customer retention, and grow new US customer acquisition.

“It was great to receive an effective strategy and ongoing support from some of the leading experts in sales, growth and marketing,” said Sam Seo, co-founder and CEO of LiveGauge. “The DMZ’s Playbook program created a thriving, high-performance community that contributed to scaling our company to this stage of our business.”

The DMZ said it created Playbook to close the gap on scaleup issues facing small and mid-sized Canadian companies; a lack of senior sales and marketing expertise is a commonly cited challenge facing scaleups.

The intensive six-month revenue growth and sales execution program provides three program mentors acting as a VP of sales, growth and marketing for each startup; connections with VCs and angel investors; structured and recurring quarterly executive coaching meetings with industry experts; and weekly workshops from program mentors and tech community experts.

“The DMZ’s Playbook program provides invaluable guidance during the sometimes challenging period of a startup’s transition from product-market fit to scale-up and growth,” said Hussam Ayyad, director of startup services at the DMZ at Ryerson University. “From creating an effective pre-call plan to providing each startup with an acting vice-president of sales; the customized, structured and hands-on approach of DMZ’s Playbook reflects the realities of selling in today’s business climate.”

Applications for the accelerator are open until May 14.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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