Toronto’s BNOTIONS Unveils New Mobile Marketing Platform, Gallop Media

Mobile ad revenues for 2013 will likely be in the $6-8 billion range. That’s a ton of revenue to go around.

The mobile marketing and targeted ad space has responded with sizeable growth over the past few years, with countless new companies emerging, dedicated to helping mobile marketers drive user acquisition and retention.

That trend continues today as the mobile app agency BNOTIONS unveils Gallop Media, a company that will specialize in performance-driven marketing for the mobile publisher. The B2B ad-buying platform is offering mobile markinnovative way to quickly and efficiently drive user acquisition and retention.

“The media landscape is rapidly evolving,” said BNOTIONS’ Alkarim Nasser. “Lately, there has been a general move to make media more transparent, performance-based and better targeted. With BNOTIONS’ deep experience building mobile technology… and our intimate understanding of the analytics generated within these products, it made sense to build a pipeline between this data and media buying.”

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Interesting that Nasser’s words nearly echoed those of AppHero CEO Jordan Satok’s, as he and his Toronto-based team announced yesterday that the company was being acquired by Fuse Powered to fuel better and more relevant ad content.

According to the company, BNOTIONS “quietly assembled a team whose core expertise in mobile strategy, design, user experience, and development made them inspired growth hackers for their clients.” Meanwhile, data collection and analysis allowed the Gallop team to develop proprietary technology that segments in-app analytics to identify valuable users that will help brands grow their user bases intelligently.

Over the past few months Gallop Media claims to have seen in-market success from campaigns for Vu Digital and Telus. In less than seven weeks Vu Digital experienced a “41 percent savings for cost-per-install over the course of the campaign and a 400 percent growth in installs with Facebook mobile ads.”

BNOTIONS mentioned that too often mobile app publishers are left in “no man’s land,” caught between digital agencies that lack the holistic knowledge needed to market an app and self-service ad-buying platforms that lack support and insight. Gallop uses Facebook analytics and combines behavioural data created in-app with social data to “fundamentally improve advertisers’ returns on user acquisition, retention, and monetization strategies”. The company’s goal is to empower mobile advertisers to accelerate real business growth.

“In a rush to implement advertising too quickly and monetize the internet, we have a terrible set of tools,” said Gallop Media CEO Karthik Ramakrishnan. “Gallop aims to arm advertisers with marketing solutions that build trust through provable metrics, audience segmentation and precision targeting. That is when marketing dollars will really start shifting to the digital domain in a meaningful way. Our vision at Gallop Media is to enable this fundamental shift in digital advertising.”

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