Toronto-based MagniWare creates “quantitative second skin” wearable

Toronto-based startup MagniWare announced last week that it has created what it dubs “a quantitative second skin” set to launch this fall. Called the Magni, the wearable measures in at 5×3 cm and only 2.5 mm thick, and can be placed anywhere on your body to track your health through multiple sensors.

MagniWare claims that the main objective of the Magni is to give users “active control of their wellbeing.” The wearable processes live data using advanced algorithms to notify users via mobile app of potential injury or other consequences resulting from strain, stress, and overexertion. The waterproof wearable was created by a group of Ph.D. candidates in Toronto and can be removed and used thousands of times between charging.

“We founded MagniWare to enhance life, performance, and longevity by providing insight into how well your body is functioning, and how it may be improved,” said MagniWare co-founder and CEO Alexander Mosa. “Our goal is to help you manage stress, increase cognitive functioning and monitor cardiac health.”

MagniWare has also indicated that the Magni will support third party development via an open API.


Ian Hardy

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