Toronto-based Kinetic Cafe launches ecommerce platform at Aldo’s World Trade Centre location

The Canadian-based retail technology lab Kinetic Cafe is launching its ecommerce platform alongside the international shoe brand, Aldo.

The platform, dubbed Kinetic Commerce, will launch with Aldo’s first retail location at the Westfield World Trade Centre. Aldo claims that its newest location will be its most advanced retail location to date with several capabilities provided through the brand’s mobile app.

“Today’s launch at Westfield World Trade Center is the culmination of countless hours of passion and creativity by everyone at Kinetic and Aldo. It highlights the power of Kinetic’s Retail Innovation Lab and the Kinetic Commerce Platform. There is no better place on earth to showcase what we’ve created together,” said Kinetic President and CIO David Dougherty in a statement.

Based on the statements sent to MobileSyrup, it seems as if the mobile app is only available on iOS. Shoppers will immediately receive a push notification to enable the app as soon as they enter the Westfield shopping location. The app will immediately connect shoppers to The Connected Store.

Customers will have the ability to see and feel the product with self-serve tablets, which provide a virtually endless shelf for customers to browse. Using the platform powered by Kinetic Café, customers can use their smartphone to instantly check for availability based on size, colour and silhouettes, connect products in their hands to digital recommendations and request try-ons from sales associates.

“Driving customers from clicks to bricks and vice versa has become the new normal for us. The in-store digital experience has been conceived as a complementary tool to facilitate product discovery and contextualize full fashion looks, ultimately offering a more meaningful service,” said Grégoire Baret, Senior Director of Omnichannel Experience at Aldo in a statement.

He goes on to explain how the retail industry still demands a certain level of human interaction.

“Technology should never compete or replace the human aspect, we in turn let it empower our sales associates and help them strengthen their relationships with the customer – it has to become part of their sales ritual to be successful.”

With the launch of Kinetic Commerce, Kinetic Café announced that it will begin working with global retailers to translate the lab’s prototypes into digital solutions across several portfolios.

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