Toronto-based Grabb and WhereIPark pitch on #TheDisruptors, focus on customer service and app experience

The Disruptors

In the past, without mobile phones that could keep people constantly connected to the Internet, businesses could only go so far with customer service, as people were limited to either a phone call or a visit.

With apps and mobile, people can get top quality customer service with the touch of a button, and Thursday’s pitches on The Disruptors are proof of that. WhereiPark, a company in its seed stage, creates a “marketplace” for monthly parking spots in their area. People looking for spots can use the service to compare available monthly parking spots to find the cheapest and most convenient one for them. “The problem that we’re solving is information,” said Alex Enchin, co-founder of WhereIPark. “When I was looking for a monthly parking spot about a year ago in downtown Toronto, I couldn’t find anything in my price range as I walked around different parking spots to ask about availability and rates.”

People who have long lamented wasting their lunch break waiting in line can find relief in Grabb, an app that helps people skip the line by letting you order and pay through the app. Users can even see how many people have ordered before them, get an approximate wait time, and get a notification to pick up their order once it’s ready. “[Our team] are huge fans of food,” said Kabir Daswani, founder of Grabb. “We curate the list of restaurants in the Grabb app to make sure they have a good location, have great branding and have amazing quality.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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