Toronto-based Eve Tab wants to be the Uber of nightlife, receives $150,000 in private funding

Toronto Club-goers may see their days of long line-ups and wait times over with the new Eve app, designed to make a night out easy and exclusive. With features such as line bypass, guest-list sign up, automatic tab closure on your credit card and a GPS system that locates venues nearby in downtown Toronto, creators Kyle Collier and Brian Troy have positioned Eve to become Toronto’s hottest new app for socialites.

Launched in May of this year, Eve informed BetaKit that it received $150,000 in funding from private investors. The app is unlike any we’ve seen before as it provides users with real-time experiences elevated by the use of the app. With Eve, which the creators are calling ‘Your Personal Host’, users can skip the line and enter any venue listed on the Eve ‘heat map’, a GPS system that picks up on venues around the user and uses a color system to let the user know how ‘hot’ or busy that venue is at that time.

With the simple flash of their Eve pass, which you receive after adding yourself to the guest-list, user jump the line and begin their VIP experience with Eve.

Eve was created out of a desire to answer the question that plagues late 20 and 30-somethings across Canada and America: ‘where should we go tonight?’ Eve takes the guesswork out of anyone’s Friday or Saturday night, while also providing users with instant access through the guest list function. A quick look at the app shows that, depending on the venue, adding you and your friends to guest list (which ensures line by-pass) does in fact cost Eve users. Eve has an answer for this too: the amount allocated to your guest list spot covers your drinks at the bar. Not only does this make buying drinks and getting into the bar a seamless experience for club-goers, but ensures business for owners.

Download the app here from the respected app stores: Apple & Android


Ian Hardy

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