Today in product updates: Goldmoney, Rogers, and Akira

This week, several startups have made announcements regarding the launches of new features for their customers. Here’s the latest on their company updates.

Goldmoney refines Goldmoney app for iOS and Android devices

Goldmoney, which was known as the parent company of gold-based payments and savings platform BitGold before merging the two operations, announced the release of a refined Goldmoney app for iOS and Android devices.

Goldmoney was listed on the Toronto stock exchange earlier this year, and now provides an app that allows users to securely buy gold, send and receive gold-based payments for free, and view real-time gold prices in 150 countries. The new app is designed to make it easier for users to access Goldmoney’s platform and manage their accounts. It also allows business account holders to access dashboard features directly within the app, letting them accept payments, send invoices, and check the status of payments at any time.

“Up until now, we’ve concentrated our efforts on building and completing the core infrastructure of the Goldmoney platform – and our new app, complete with Goldmoney Business and Wealth integration and functionality is a major accomplishment,” said Paul Mennega, the lead engineer at Goldmoney. “From this point forward, we will be more focused on mobile optimization and performance improvements.”

The new Goldmoney app can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store and Google Play.

Rogers Unison launches to medium and large sized Canadian businesses

Rogers Unison, a unified communication system that initially launched for small businesses, announced that it is opening up its services to medium and large businesses and public sector organizations.

Rogers Unison offers a platform that combines all the essential components of a traditional desk — such as ring alerts and voicemail — into one system. This announcement means that employees from businesses of all sizes will be able to access Rogers Unison’s services and features across multiple devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, and desk phones. Some of these include the ability to make and receive calls on any device without having to pay for more than one line or letting receptionists transfer calls through an office more easily.

“Small business customers across the country have gone mobile with Rogers Unison and we’re thrilled to now bring the next evolution of this breakthrough product to all our business customers,” said Nitin Kawale, the president of the enterprise business unit at Rogers Communications. “Our medium and large business customers want a solution that offers the right device for the right employee, and Rogers Unison delivers on this need by offering a solution that connects a workforce.”

Akira launches new tool for parents to connect with medical experts

Akira, an app that gives Canadians digital access to doctors for opinions and diagnoses for common medical problems, announced that it is launching a new tool: Akira for Families.

Akira, which was created to give patients better access to their doctors, has developed the new tool to allow parents in Ontario to chat with doctors and nurses, get medical advice and referrals, and have prescriptions delivered to their door. To help families save time and stay healthy, Akira for Families will let parents video chat and text medical experts, share photos of their ailments, and track their family’s health records.

“Whether you need to renew a prescription, have concerns about your child’s rash, or simply have a question that requires expert medical advice, Akira for Families is a care team you can reach instantly from home, at work, or when you’re traveling,” said Dustin Walper, the co-founder and CEO at Akira.


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