Today in product updates: Goldmoney, SweetIQ, instaMEK, EventMobi


This week, several startups have launched new features in an effort to make life easier for their customers. Here’s the latest on their company updates.

Goldmoney reduces exchange fees by 50 percent

Goldmoney has announced that it is reducing user deposit, redemption, and vault-to-vault exchange fees by 50 percent. The company is also doubling user referral rewards for its Golden Heart Program.

Goldmoney Network users can now purchase, redeem, and exchange gold between vault locations for 0.5 percent above the spot gold price. Gold transfers and gifts remain free on the network, and storage up to 1,000 grams will continue to be provided without charge.

Through the Golden Heart program, Goldmoney Personal users can now earn double bonus gold when people they invite to join the network make a deposit of 0.1 grams or more within the first week of signing up.

“Our growth in Q2 is due entirely to accelerated organic adoption, which has enabled us to further reinvest in the platform and give back to our users. We are passionate about making stable and secure gold savings accessible to everyone, and this 50 percent reduction in fees makes Goldmoney the least expensive route to physical gold by a wide margin,” said Josh Crumb, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Goldmoney. “As our community continues to grow and loyally support the Network, we have decided to reward that loyalty by doubling Golden Heart referral payouts for Goldmoney Personal users.”

Goldmoney is a gold-based payments and savings platform that allows users to acquire, store, and spend gold that is stored in a secure vault.

SweetIQ partners with Yelp

Montreal-based SweetIQ, which helps digital marketing teams understand the performance of their physical stores online, has announced a partnership with Yelp to optimize listings management for enterprise businesses.

SweetIQ’s customers are now able to claim all existing listings on Yelp, manage the operating hours of their store locations, and access Yelp data and analytics through the SweetIQ dashboard.

“Big data is only useful when you can harness it to tell a story. We are always striving to provide our clients with the highest level of functionality in their local marketing campaigns,” said Mohannad El-Barachi, CEO and co-founder of SweetIQ. “Our partnership with Yelp allows us to further provide our clients with multidimensional insights, as businesses will now have full integration with the world’s most influential online customer review network with total transparency, and access to crucial data and analytics in one single dashboard.”

In September, SweetIQ acquired California-based Connectivity, which works with 20,000 brick-and-mortar locations across the US.

instaMek launches mobile app

instaMek, an Edmonton-based on-demand car service repair company, has now launched a mobile app alongside its existing phone and online booking.

“We’ve built an app that’s all about simple communication and literally having convenient auto repair at your fingertips,” said Mat Lavoie, chief technology officer at instaMek. “We’re matching the ease of having a certified mechanic fix your car at home with the simplicity of booking that very same service directly through a user-friendly app.”

The instaMek mobile app allows users to request a mechanic, schedule their auto repair, and pay seamlessly for auto servicing. The app also integrates the company’s Referral Program, which entitles customers to a free oil change for every two people they refer to use the service.

EventMobi launches new feature to give event organizers more custom app options

Toronto-based EventMobi announced that it’s launched Advanced Designer, which allows event organizers to offer advanced custom app designs in real-time.

The company said that often, event organizers and marketers are limited by what they can do with their event app, and struggle to ensure that customized apps match the visual branding of their event.

“As more events leverage advanced technology like event apps to enhance attendee experience, it is essential that event marketers and planners are able to maintain consistent brand control and design across offline and online experiences at their events,” said Bob Vaez, CEO of EventMobi. “Being able to have this level of design control on event apps is critical to corporate events and specifically for third party event agencies tasked with creating unique digital experiences using event apps.”

EventMobi promises that Advanced Designer will allow marketers to create unique mobile experiences at a fraction of the cost for a fully customized app. Any web or graphics designer with knowledge of CSS is able to make changes in real-time to the event app design directly through the content management system of EventMobi’s platform.

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