Today in acquisitions: Solium Capital acquires Capshare, HiMama acquires DailyChildcareReport


This week, two companies have made announcements on acquiring startups. Here’s the latest on Canada’s movers and shakers.

Solium announces acquisition of Capshare

Calgary-based Solium Capital, a SaaS provider, announced that it is acquiring cloud platform US-based Capshare, a cloud-based cap table and equity management platform.

Capshare will continue to function as an independent enterprise with a focus on early-stage private companies, with the added support of Solium’s broader capabilities and technology.

“Capshare has built an incredible product for early-stage companies that enables them to service their target audience better than any other company in the market,” said Marcos Lopez, CEO of Solium. “Together with Solium’s Shareworks platform we are now able to bring the best technology and service to companies from inception through IPO.”

This deal will allow Capshare to triple its development team and offer customers access to Solium’s resources. Solium, which says it serves six of the 10 highest-valued pre-initial public offering companies, will now be able to bring early-stage companies into an ecosystem of high-growth private companies, later-stage private companies, and large public companies.

“The private company market for equity management and valuations is going through an evolution,” said Jeron Paul, founder and CEO of Capshare. “Companies are abandoning spreadsheets and are looking toward a single provider for services like 409A, stock option expensing, shareholder relations and board management. Solium is the perfect partner to help Capshare’s customers succeed in this changing market.”

HiMama acquires DailyChildcareReport

Toronto-based HiMama, which allows parents to communicate with daycares, has acquired Canadian software company DailyChildcareReport. This is the company’s first acquisition, which supports its vision of using technology to connect early childhood educators and parents.

DailyChildcareReport started sending daily reports to parents about children’s health and well-being in 2012. The goal is to transition its users to HiMama’s platform by November 30. The platform will include its automated billing product, staff management, parent photos, videos, and SMS messaging.

“We are thrilled to welcome DailyChildcareReport users to the HiMama community. In addition to daily reports, educators and families will be able to take advantage of HiMama’s other features including child development portfolios, real-time messaging, assessment reports, and parent invoicing,” said Ron Spreeuwenberg, HiMama’s co-founder and CEO. “Our goal is to improve learning outcomes for all children aged zero to five, and we are looking forward to working with many new child care centers and families in the coming weeks as they transition to HiMama.”

HiMama has a particular interest in providing assistance to the under-resourced and undervalued early childhood education community with resources including templates, researched articles, a podcast, and early education webinars.


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