Three Canadian startups hiring AI and machine learning roles right now

top hat
Top Hat, Coveo, and BenchSci are looking for candidates to build upon AI in their platforms.

With the breakthrough of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and tools built on large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, companies across Canada are working hard to integrate AI in their products. From educational tools to disease mapping, these companies are hiring roles that will shape the future applications of AI and ML. Check out all the organizations recruiting at Jobs.BetaKit for more opportunities.

Top Hat

Top Hat is an educational technology platform looking to improve upon traditional teaching methods. Its dynamic courseware gives educators and students personalized, relevant, and equitable learning experiences aiming to keep students engaged and meet their academic goals. Now, Top Hat is looking to hire a data scientist to develop and implement AI-based prototypes and solutions to its platform.

Those who apply to this role should have a degree in science, mathematics, or a related field and have over three years of experience in developing and deploying AI-based solutions. Candidates should also have programming skills in Python, Java, or another programming language plus knowledge of software development methodologies.

For those interested, Top Hat is also looking for a senior software developer and a director of engineering to work remotely.

You can see all the positions Top Hat has available here .


Coveo has invested significantly in its AI infrastructure over the past decade and is in a unique position with the rise of LLMs because of it. The company’s “AI‐powered relevance platform,” which offers search, recommendation, and personalization solutions for commerce, service, website, and workplace applications, looks to take the risk out of generative AI.

Now Coveo is searching for a senior product manager to work with machine learning in its data platform. As a senior product manager, applicants will be responsible for identifying the capabilities and needs of the ML and lines of businesses teams. Successful candidates will have a proven track record in envisioning, planning and executing roadmaps in a technical product environment in an organized way.

Coveo has many other open positions for those interested in working on the forefront of AI and ML; those positions can be found here.


Using AI and proprietary visual machine learning, BenchSci built an evidence-backed map of disease biology. BenchSci has a vision to help scientists bring novel medicine to patients 50 percent faster by 2025 through empowering scientific experiments on an advanced, biomedical AI software platform.

BenchSci is currently looking for an engineering manager to join its machine learning team for natural language processing. Applicants should have over four years of experience as a professional developer, over two years experience as an engineering team manager alongside extensive experience working with natural language processing.

BenchSci is hiring for other roles to build its ML platform. Those roles can be found here.

Alex Riehl

Alex Riehl

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