The Ten Types of Entrepreneurs You’ll Meet at an Accelerator

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) blog posted a cheeky blog entry last week detailing the “ten entrepreneurs you’ll meet at an accelerator,” detailed by Vicky Liu.

While my list would include characters more akin to those on Mike Judge and HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” we trust that Liu got it right here.

Here’s the ten characters you’ll meet at an accelerator:

  1. The triple threat
    This entrepreneur has got it going on. They’re equally talented in design, code and business development. The triple threat is a one-person wonder and doesn’t seem to need sleep. Maybe they’re part robot.
  2. The suit-turned-self-starter
    This founder used to work in a corporate or office job. They realized they thirsted after creativity (or had an identity crisis) and put their old life behind them to build a company on their own. Their bumper sticker reads “Being your own boss rocks!”
  3. The international entrepreneur
    In the startup community, you’re bound to run into a CEO or two who aren’t from around town. They have a cool accent and better shoes than you. They’re here to expand into the global market and bring a bit of international flair to the workplace.
  4. The name-changer
    This founder is constantly changing the focus of their company and its name. They often have more than one venture on the go at a time. Good luck keeping up.
  5. The trendsetter
    Whoever said that entrepreneurs don’t dress well has never met the trendsetter. The trendsetter looks like they walked off the runway, onto Queen Street West and back to their desk. This entrepreneur is bringing their vision to the world and looks great while doing it. No black turtlenecks here.
  6. The online one
    This entrepreneur has a social media presence that’s hard to beat. They respond to your emails, tweets, and invites within seconds of receiving them, they’re always online and their Gchat status is eternally “available.” Now if only you could figure out where they sit…
  7. The popular one
    In addition to running their company, this entrepreneur finds time to befriend everyone around them. They make small talk like it’s their job and never eat lunch alone. They’d be voted startup valedictorian, no contest.
  8. The pitcher/closer
    This founder has an uncanny ability to close a deal. They’ve probably sold you something without you even realizing it. They’ve perfected the elevator pitch and always have a suit handy for those spur-of-the-moment presentations.
  9. The night owl
    Honestly, you didn’t know this person existed until that time when you stayed late to work and they strolled in at 10 p.m. This entrepreneur makes their own schedule (a late-night one) and works until dawn. Red Bull is a good friend of theirs, as are eye masks.
  10. The studentpreneur
    Don’t let the cute name fool you. What the young student founder lacks in age and experience is made up for in determination and drive. They have the ability to juggle a full course load while also running a business. You’re kinda jealous.
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