The Next 36 appoints Tony Lacavera and John Kelleher as co-chairs of its board

Tony Lacavera

The Next 36 announced that Globalive founder Tony Lacavera and McKinsey and Company partner John Kelleher will be joining the organization’s board as co-chairs. Both Lacavera and Kelleher currently serve on the Board of Directors and have been actively involved in The Next 36 since the organization’s inception in 2010.

The Next 36 aims to foster Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting young entrepreneurs with mentorship, capital, and founder development opportunities.

“We are thrilled that both Tony and John have agreed to co-chair our organization,” said Satchu. “They each are extremely successful business leaders and have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to The Next 36. We are proud of the tremendous impact The Next 36 has had on our country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and we are confident that Tony and John will continue to advance our mission of increasing Canadian prosperity.”

Satchu will continue to be involved as as Chairman Emeritus, board member, and professor. Tim Hodgson, co-chair and co-founder along with Satchu, Ajay Agrawal, and Claudia Hepburn, will remain on as a board member.

Kelleher is currently partner and in-house CEO/Executive at McKinsey and Company’s Turnaround unit, which provides executive leadership to support large-scale turnarounds. In the past, he has acted as president and CEO of Black’s Photography, and was part of the founding team at ReichmannHauer Capital Partners, a Toronto-based private investment Firm. Lacavera is the founder of WIND Mobile, and currently heads Globalive Capital.

“We are both humbled by the trust placed in us, and we definitely share the intense passion that The Next 36’s inspiring co-founders have brought to the organization,” said Lacavera. “We share the vision that this organization can continue to significantly move the needle on Canada’s prosperity by dramatically increasing entrepreneurship across the country.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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