The GoPad is A Mobile iPad Wielder’s Best Friend- Even if it Looks a Bit Geeky

If there’s one Canadian-designed product that deserves to be on Dragons’ Den, it might be the GoPad, for “people in motion”. Its a “wearable tech” product designed by Visionary Technology Inc. in Ottawa.

Founder Peter Kielland designed what, more or less, is a handy necklace that holds an iPad around stomach level. But the piece that snaps on to the iPad allows one to type while walking, or to set up the iPad in a upright position while sitting. It’s a useful little tool that would also be ripe for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign but in an email Kielland said there should be no need for that.

“Wearing the tablet hands free gives you the user experience of a big tablet, bit with the mobility of a small tablet,” said Kielland. “Your tablet is held for you exactly where it needs to be for optimal comfort, productivity and mobility.”


When users stop moving, the swing arm locks into a number of support configurations that enable it to work on a desk, on your lap, or on the wall even. Each purchase of the GoPad comes with a skin protector bag called the GoBag, which doubles as a shoulder bag. If the bag ever falls, the protection cushions the device from any damage.

Kielland said that Visionary Technology is working with a fashion designer to see how the GoBag can appeal to people as a shoulder bag as well, but that might be a bit difficult. I sense that only the most geeky of wearable tech geeks might be into this, but of course I could be wrong. The obviously good-humoured Kielland wrote in an email that “GoPad polarizes opinion: you can either laugh at it or realize that it’s an essential tablet-holding tool.”

In a four-minute explainer video, Kielland does a great job describing all the functions of the GoPad. Check it out here. There’s also a great “Do the Dance” section on the website that everyone should watch for a good 45 seconds of distraction.


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