The future of transportation makes a stop at MaRS November 26


When it comes to a future with connected, electric cars, the question in 2015 is no longer if it’s possible — but when.

As public interest around this issue is growing, on November 26, MaRS is hosting an event centred around electric and connected vehicles and a panel discussion with experts about what this future could look like. The Future of Transportation: Connected and Electric is part of the MaRS Market Insights Connected World Series, which is dedicated to presenting topics on the opportunities presented through innovations in the health, energy, and water industries. “The Connected World is a future made possible with data, and is essentially the Internet of Things,” said the website. “Connectivity is opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry, government and citizens to provide and use products and services that make our lives easier, foster creativity and increase efficiencies.”

The day will start with Plug n’ Drive, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric cars, giving a tour of electric vehicles in the building. The expert panel will include insights from Sherry Vanstone, president and CEO of TrustPoint Innovation Technologies; Cara Clairman, president and CEO of Plug’n Drive; Neetika Sathe, vice president of corporate development at PowerStream; and Marc S. Vejgman, product marketing manager at the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

To sign up for the event, check out the event page here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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