The Funding Portal Launches New Cleantech Financing Platform

Over 17,000 Canadian organizations use The Funding Portal to find funding each month and the company announced today the launch of The Funding Portal_Cleantech, an online service that assists cleantech companies secure financing to support their R&D efforts. This is the second portal the company has launched, the first was dedicated to healthtech last sring.

“The new Cleantech portal will create a common destination and systems for matching cleantech investment opportunities into sources of financing,” said Teri Kirk, CEO, The Funding Portal. “Our partnerships with investor groups including NACO, NAO, and industry, play an important role in building out the portal as an investment hub for Canada’s innovations sector.”

Cleantech ranks third in terms of attracting private sector investment, according to the findings of The Funding Portal in 2013. It is one of Canada’s highest growth sectors, attracting 187% more venture capital investment in 2013 than the year prior.



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