Telus partners with Digi International to develop IoT food temperature monitoring

Telus and the Canadian-based Digi International will soon provide an automated food temperature monitoring solution to Canadian businesses.

Digi International is a company specializing in machine-to-machine and IoT connectivity. The collaborative solution, dubbed Digi Honeycomb, will wirelessly monitor the temperature of perishable goods.

“Temperature-controlled transportation and storage of perishable items is crucial to the reputation of any food-service brand. Nothing can be more damaging to a business than food-safety issues, however monitoring, logging and reporting temperatures can be extremely labour intensive,” said Michael Cihra, Telus vice president of IoT and emerging markets.

“Digi Honeycomb automates the process; smart sensors provide real-time data that will help businesses prevent issues before they occur while making operations run more efficiently,” he said in a statement.

The wireless sensors can be placed anywhere that food temperature monitoring is required. Furthermore, automatic alerts can be set for all types of temperatures (frozen, refrigerated, hot-holding, ambient, etc).

Digi Honeycomb is available as a monthly billable service through Telus’ IoT Marketplace, meaning it can be deployed without an upfront capital expense.

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