Tech Spark’s Tamar Huggins says founders need a ‘do not do’ list

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Entrepreneurs have a reputation for hustling and constant multitasking, but at the latest TechToronto, Tech Spark founder Tamar Huggins shared the challenges of this lifestyle.

“I wanted and believed that I could do it all, all at once,” said Huggins. “I pushed myself to the brink of mental exhaustion and I had a breakdown.

“I realized in doing my work that there were several gaps and areas that I wanted to fill, and being a leader in tech education, I thought I had to be the one to fill all of those gaps, and it was a huge distraction for me.”

Huggins said that once she could accept the “one thing” she should focus on, she found more opportunities for the business. To the audience, she recommended taking steps to go back to the one thing they’re good at if they’ve veered off track, making a ‘must not do’ list, and working to be more purposeful.

“The number one thing I put on my ‘do not to-do’ is to take on more than I really should be doing.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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