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Grow Financial says next face of FinTech is working with enterprise following Celero partnership(BETAKIT)

Through the partnership, Grow and Celero will offer SaaS solutions to Canadian credit unions.

The ABCs of SaaS Math(BETAKIT)

An overview of fundamental SaaS terminology, from ARPU to Upgrade %. (sponsored)

Shopify now allowing merchants to sell products through Facebook Messenger(BETAKIT)

This new integration gives customers a “Shop Now” option when starting a conversation with any Facebook Business Page via Shopify’s Messenger Sales section.

Google taps Accenture in enterprise app push(PYMNTS)

Google recently announced a new effort to increase its presence in the enterprise, rebranding its B2B units as Google Cloud and G Suite last week.

How can I grow my SaaS company from $1.5M in yearly revenue to $4M to $5M in revenue in the next 2 years?(SAASTR)

To get from $1m to $10m as quickly as possible: Keep doing what you are doing. Just better.

Insights into a €1.75 million seed raise: with Kristian Valk, CEO of HotelChamp(SAASCRIBE)

Kristian gives Alex Theuma the insights into why he built the company, how they’ve done and how they raised their seed round.

Top priorities for SaaS CEOs and sales VPs in Q4(LINKEDIN)

For growth stage companies, Q4 is always an exciting time for sales leaders and their teams. For every Sales VP or Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) on planet Earth, there are four top priorities in Q4.

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