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Montreal-based adtech startup District M raises $8 million in funding(BETAKIT)

District M, which was founded in 2013, allows publishers to maximize their online advertising revenues through campaign distribution platforms and data targeting strategies.

19 content marketing ideas that aren’t blog posts(BETAKIT)

Content marketing is much more specific than that. Content marketing means that it’s easily quantifiable, measurable and repeatable. (sponsored)

Slack partners with Salesforce on new integration(BETAKIT)

Since several companies already use Slack to communicate with their teams and use Salesforce’s cloud services to manage their contacts and accounts-related information, the integration is meant to build a bridge between their products.

Lystable adds Max Levchin to the list of investors backing its gig economy SaaS(TECHCRUNCH)

So what’s exciting the Peter Thiels and Max Levchins of the tech investment world? Lystable’s vision of seamlessly integrating a growing gig economy workforce with workplaces whose legacy software is designed for full-time staff not fly-by-night freelancers, that’s what.

The path to Series B(MEDIUM)

If you are an early stage CEO, then this white paper will give you direct, actionable insights for your business. If you’re an investor, this paper will give your portfolio companies valuable benchmarking and guidance as they enter the growth stage.

BookJane pitches caregivers on-demand in a competitive market(BETAKIT)

BookJane, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, has developed a mobile app that helps users find caregivers or babysitters for children and seniors on demand.

Beyond blog posts: SaaS content marketing as a potent growth engine(WISHPOND)

I’ve been doing content marketing for nearly 3 years at a developer-first SaaS. And if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that SaaS content marketing is way more than just blog posts.

Hopper wants to help you find the cheapest (and best) flight(BETAKIT)

The app uses data science to comb through hundreds of billions of prices and predict, with 95 percent accuracy, when you should book your ticket.

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