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L-SPARK now exclusively a SaaS-scaling accelerator(BETAKIT)

L-SPARK has now transitioned to operate exclusively as an accelerator with the collective goal to help SaaS companies generate 10x revenue growth.

5 things Tom Williams wants every entrepreneur to know(BETAKIT)

The hybrid angel investor and entrepreneur discusses his setbacks and what entrepreneurs need to be successful. (sponsored)

Collage believes taking care of your employees should be easy(BETAKIT)

Collage’s main value proposition is to automate the burdensome administration work involved with HR, from onboarding new employees, completing tax forms, or signing and storing documents.

The SaaS CTO security checklist(CTO)

Security shouldn’t feel like a chore. Select your startup stage and use these rules to improve your security.

To be a top quartile SaaS grower, you need to focus on gross churn(TECHCRUNCH)

To better understand which customer success metrics most impact growth, we examined a subset of companies in SaaSRadar, McKinsey’s database of pre-IPO SaaS companies.

7 statistics about social media customer service all SaaS startups must know(INC)

If you’re setting up a traditional customer service model for your SaaS, get ready for a pivot. Here are seven statistics that demonstrate why your social channels should be integrated with your customer service team.

Alan wants to turn health insurance into software-as-a-service(TECHCRUNCH)

French startup Alan is launching today a brand new full-stack health insurance company in France. Compared to existing products, Alan wants to make the experience much sleeker.

Wave raises $14.6 million with goal to grow team to 150 and continue mobile development(BETAKIT)

Wave plans to use the funding to accelerate R&D and growth. The company also wants to grow the team to approximately 150 people over the next six months, as it looks to leverage mobile processes.

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