Street Contxt CEO says company’s biggest challenge is keeping up Series A momentum while staying in Toronto

This week on The Disruptors, co-host Bruce Croxon sat down with Blair Livingston, the founder and CEO of Street Contxt, to discuss how his startup is causing disruption in the capital markets system.

During the interview, Livingston talked about how Street Contxt, a FinTech startup that curates and distributes data and analysis from banks, investment firms, and buy-side shops, has grown since the startup raised $8 million in a Series A funding round.

Livingston said that Street Contxt is solving a serious pain point in the capital markets system on Wall Street and Bay Street. It offers a knowledge management platform where information between brokers and traders in finance is stored and accessed by people who want the most important and accurate information.

“We’re really focused on helping brokerages help their clients decide what to buy and help them communicate with their clients,” said Livingston. “Putting out commentary, putting out research, putting out information; we’re helping them better understand what their clients care about.”

Livingston also said that Street Contxt is in the right industry at the right time, and as the startup has received support from lead investors, it has an upper-hand in creating an efficient communication system for the capital markets system.

“Being in the industry we’re in, every one of our customers is also a sophisticated professional investor,” said Livingston. “We’re in a very good situation where we’re attacking a big problem…capital is no longer our biggest issue. Our biggest issue is just maintaining a growing momentum while being headquartered in Toronto.”

Watch the full interview below:

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