Startupfest launching CannabisFest, CryptoFest in 2018 edition


Startupfest has announced that it is launching new Premium Fest verticals this year as it looks to dive deeper into emerging tech topics of conversation.

Its new ‘Premium Fests’ include the one-day-long Cryptofest, CannabisFest, SciFest — which explores the intersection of research, technology, and innovation — and ArtFest, which will showcase emerging new media artists and explore how startup processes collide. AIfest, presented by Element AI, is returning for another year. Startupfest passes also now include one Premium Fest of your choice.

Startupfest first launched its Premium Fest feature in 2016 as a way for attendees to make more targeted connections and get closer to their communities.

“Our audiences are continually asking for new, richer and deeper content,” said Philippe Telio, founder of Startupfest. “The original PremiumFests were focused on the role of the individual — Angel, Accelerator manager, Scaleup founder and Fund manager. We continue to deliver content relevant to these groups but this year we are adding a level of depth in specific verticals, creating even more reasons for people to come and connect at Startupfest.”

The organization also made a call for companies and individuals willing to support the launch of IoT, Health, Gaming, and Social Impact.

“At Startupfest we pride ourselves on delivering content today that will become mainstream tomorrow. Our audience generally want to be inspired to enter an industry or get a deep level of understanding on the state of the industry,” said Telio. “We have chosen verticals like cryptocurrency, AI and cannabis because of the great interest innovators and investors are showing for these sectors, and because of the multi-billion dollar markets these sectors represent.”

This year’s Startupfest takes place July 10 to 14. Get your tickets here.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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