Startup Weekend Toronto (Internet of Things Edition) is happening this weekend – save $25 on admission from BetaKit!

Interested in investing in the entrepreneurial community in Toronto, meeting some incredibly passionate people, and participating in a highly intense, fun and creative weekend? Then, consider mentoring or participating in Startup Weekend Toronto!

The theme this year is The Internet of Things, and runs from November 21st to 23rd. The event is at MakeWorks (1139 College Street), which complements the maker-flavour of this event.

If you haven’t participated before, Startup Weekend is a 54-hour extravaganza: individuals pitch ideas and form teams on the Friday night. Then, over Saturday and Sunday, they iron out their business models, (in)validate their assumptions and bring their ideas to life for the Sunday evening presentations. It also coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week. It’s an intense experience for everyone involved.


In addition, Startup Weekend Toronto — Internet of Things Edition — has an impressive track record as the last two Startup Weekend Toronto winners went on to compete against hundreds of international teams, and won the Global Startup Battle.

Check it out at the link below — for those interested in saving a few bucks, use the code BETAKIT and save $25.

Source: Startup Weekend Toronto

Ian Hardy

Ian Hardy

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