Startup jobs of the week: Him & Her Incorporated, Wise & Hammer, Prospect Madison, SettleUp, Kira Talent

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Here are the latest job postings:


Him & Her Incorporated is looking for a developer

Him & Her Incorporated, a digital agency serving the Kitchener and surrounding areas, is looking for a passionate developer to join its team. The developer will be responsible for executing on both partner and internal projects, and will have a strong understanding of handling data, problem-solving, and SaaS services like Shopify. The agency is looking for a developer with experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as JS frameworks.


Wise & Hammer is looking for a senior web developer

Wise & Hammer promises that its developer will be able to craft exceptional experiences at their lab, and in return, is expecting a senior web developer with a wide breadth of experience. The developer should have at least four years of experience in professional web development, web administration skills on web server and application server products, and experience in designing and coding for web accessibility.


Prospect Madison is looking for a front-end developer

Prospect Madison’s current stack is Ruby on Rails on top of a postgreSQL db with Haml and Bootstrap in the front end, but as a young company, the company said it will probably change its stack and therefore needs someone who can learn quickly. The front-end developer should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science, and at least two years of development or engineering experience.

Kira Talent is looking for a UX researcher

Kira Talent needs a UX researcher to be a champion of learning from customers in a way that translates to effective design. Working at the heart of the product development team, the applicant must have two years of in applied product research or a related field, experience with planning and conducting user research studies, and a basic understanding of quantitative analysis and statistical concepts.


SettleUp is looking for a chief technology officer

SettleUp, which is building a software focused solution to automate the process of debt collection and recovery, needs a visionary chief technology officer to join its team. The company is looking for a CTO with experience in building scalable technological solutions, an expert understanding and command of the software development life cycle, and previous experience mentoring or training junior tech talent.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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