Startup job spotlight: senior full stack developer at LemonStand


With startups leading the way in Canadian innovation, every day, BetaKit does its part to help fill the talent gap with our BetaKit Job Board.

To highlight some of the great places prospective employees can work at across Canada, we’ll put one startup in the spotlight each week to find out what makes their company tick.

Right now, LemonStand is hiring a full stack developer. We talked to LemonStand founder and CEO Danny Halarewich and LemonStand CTO Bruce Alderson to talk about the best parts of working there.

If someone were to come in to work for LemonStand on their first day, what’s the first thing you tell them to get them excited to work there?

D: You’re going to do incredible things, both in terms of your profession and in changing online commerce. For developers, we talk about upcoming tools and technologies, then map that to how we are building incredible products and services. Tech includes things like nano-services, horizontal scaling, securing the platform by splitting concerns, better developer tools; the list is huge!

What are some company perks that people can expect when working at LemonStand?

D: Freedom, trust and responsibility. Food (healthy stuff, too). 100% dental coverage. Meaningful and valuable stock options. Work From Home Wednesdays (exactly what it sounds like). Flexible vacation. Indoor basketball hoop. Great people.

When working as part of the dev team, what kind of problems could the full stack developer expect to tackle? What makes the team so dynamic?

D: Full stack developers will tackle challenges around building new innovative product features, and evolving our architecture. They will aim to build a flexible and customizable platform while ensuring it is also easy to use.

In what ways do you help to foster personal and/or professional growth in your team?

D: We teach. As a senior member of the team, you would be responsible for training sessions, and as part of the lead team, our CTO will be helping guide your learning plan. We also pay for education (lots of leeway, as long as training is actually used). Also, we aim to hit local conferences; if you have better ideas, you would be part of making learning a core part of who we are.

What’s your favourite part about working with the LemonStand team?

B: I get to make a difference. Our customers love us. And the potential is huge. I also love building software, and the freedom we have to make things great and to build up our development group is incredible. Working with Danny and Ross as a leadership team is not a fight, it’s an incredible experience.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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