Startup job spotlight: Account executive at Sortable


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To highlight some of the great places prospective employees can work at across Canada, we’ll put one startup in the spotlight each week to find out what makes their company tick.

Right now, Sortable is hiring an account executive. We talked to Sortable digital marketer Brenden Sherratt about the best parts of working there.

If someone were to come in to work for Sortable on their first day, what’s the first thing you tell them to get them excited to work there?

Sortable is fixing a real problem in a huge industry. Our Ad Engine is helping online publishers generate greater advertising revenue by using machine learning to solve a difficult problems.
We have a proven track record and have grown from 140 million ad impressions to 2 billion in less than a year. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?

What are some company perks that people can expect when working at Sortable?

Besides catered lunches, competitive salaries, stock options, flex hours, and Cocktail Friday, we are building a team that you will actually want to hang out with. We are a collaborative team with minimal bureaucracy that values autonomy, taking ownership, and learning from your mistakes.

When working as part of the accounts team, what kind of problems could the accounts executive expect to tackle? What makes the team so dynamic?

There are going to new challenges every day. We would expect you to work with other members of the team to find different solutions to these challenges.

Currently we are dealing with an increased volume of incoming leads (not a bad problem to have). You will have to find a way of balancing these new leads while ensuring that current clients are properly served. If you have a new idea, we want to hear it.

In what ways do you help to foster personal and/or professional growth in your team?

At lunch time we come together as a team and talk. Sometimes the conversations are about the latest video game, but more often than not we are discussing challenges and sharing our knowledge with the rest of the team.

Learning is key, and we have an education grant that allows our team to learn something new. It doesn’t have to be job related but it should inspire your curiosity, creativity, and excitement to learn. The goal is to bring what you learned back to the group, whether it is about ad operations or how to make sushi.

What’s your favourite part about working with the Sortable team?

Sortable is growing like crazy, and we are all helping shape the growth of this company. Where else do you think you could make such an impact?

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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