“Startup Community” doc about Kitchener-Waterloo hits Indigogo

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario is probably known best for producing the BlackBerry smartphone and the Oktoberfest beer festival. Recently the region has been a hive for startups, most notedly the massive success of Communitech. Many tech companies have simply started with an idea and progressed towards selling for millions to a larger organization – think Desire2Learn, Sortable, Kik Messenger, or BufferBox.

A new documentary by filmaker Taylor Jackson called “Startup Community” is looking for backers on Indiegogo. The idea aims to go behind the scenes at several K-W startups to uncover “what makes Kitchener-Waterloo different.” Jackson states that they’ll be talking “to people that have helped local non-profits make their first $10,000, built multi-million dollar businesses from their parents’ basements, as well as the people behind 60 million hit YouTube videos.”

The cost of producing “Startup Community” is estimated to be $6,000, but they are looking to raise a minimum of $10,000 to $15,000 and enter it into various film festivals. As all projects on Indiegogo, there’s several ways you contribute. $8 gets your name in the credits, plus a movie pass. The prices increase in value towards becoming an official title sponsor at $8,000.

“There’s nothing better than making a living from something you love, and surrounding yourself with people who love the same thing. Here, entrepreneurs are all-in. Businesses are no longer a competition, it’s a compilation of ideas. So we’re going behind the scenes to see how our city has become a world technology leader… and why everyone is so damn happy to live here.”

Check it out here at Indiegogo


Ian Hardy

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