Startup Canada Podcast Ep. 153: PR for startups with Trisha Beausaert

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The way your story is told is how your company is remembered, or forgotten. Even in the world’s largest marketplace of online voice over talent, Trisha Beausaert knows how to be the voice that the world listens to, and remembers.

“It’s very much an understanding that you feed the other, the PR person needs to make sure their company is being covered, put it out to the masses and target the right people,” said Beausaert.

Beausaert is the PR manager at and award-winning communications and public relations professional. She has worked with some of the biggest media outlets in North America, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBC, and Financial Post
In this week’s #StartupPodcast, host Rivers Corbett talks to Beausaert about the ins and outs of public relations for startups.

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