Startup Canada Podcast Ep. 151: Reigniting Northern languages using tech

Ryan Oliver

When you prioritize language, you prioritize learning and opportunities. Ryan Oliver is empowering Nunavummiut children and communities in innovative ways.

Through releasing an Inuktitut-language version of the best-selling iPad game, Osmos, Oliver has granted the opportunity of learning and self-discovery through technology, and play.

The rewards of this project have lived on and Pinnguaq is a complete avenue for success and empowerment. “When people begin to see experiences in their own language then they begin to see a role for themselves.”

Oliver is director of the first Canadian Arctic Startup called Pinnguaq. A game designer himself, Oliver has been exploring ways to bring technologies to the Northern region, and integrate isolated communities into vital computer science skills.

Now, Nunavut communities are closing the gap with the outside world, and embracing the technology as a means to connect with the world. In this week’s #StartupPodcast, host Rivers Corbett will talk to Oliver about what digital inclusion means for Canadians, and more specifically for the Arctic communities.

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