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These days, it seems like there is an AirBnB and Uber for everything. And Toronto-based Spacefy is one of those companies tapping into a growing market of people expecting the speed and convenience of online booking.

Spacefy’s online marketplace is specifically targeted to creative professionals like photographers and filmmakers that need to book spaces suitable for their projects. Currently, there are about 400 locations listed, and some of its locations have even been featured on TV series like Hemlock Grove and Hannibal.

“Spacefy is disruptive in the sense that the current process for finding and booking spaces isn’t really structured or organized,” said Alyas Ali, co-founder of Spacefy. “In terms of the long-term goal, we’d like to see Spacefy becoming the starting point for any creative project, and also it’d be great to see it becoming a common verb, so if you’ve got a nice space, you should totally Spacefy it.”

Besides complimenting Ali’s super impressive beard which he called a disruptor in itself, co-host Bruce Croxon said that he loves any business that takes advantage of existing inventory and making better use of it. “They don’t have to hold any inventory, they’re a connector. From that perspective I really like what they’re doing,” he said.

Co-host Amber Kanwar said that this is actually something that Uber should be doing. “If they keep calling themselves a technology company, they should get away from just being a cab company and really be almost a marketplace for anybody with excess inventory.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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