SoapBox helps large companies operate more like a startup


A lot of startup success comes from the ability to be agile; with smaller teams working on a common goal, it’s easier to maintain and establish a culture of innovation early on. For larger companies, establishing an innovation strategy isn’t as simple.

But SoapBox, which recently raised a $3 million seed round, is helping these large companies keep track of the potentially disruptive ideas coming from all levels of their employee base.

SoapBox’s platform, which was featured on The Disruptors, is targeting larger companies that have trouble managing company ideas. Employees can submit ideas and suggestions on certain company objectives, and peers can vote and comment on these ideas. The best ideas are moved to the top.

“We’re trying to stop these big companies from being disrupted by these 21st century companies. In the next five years, we believe we’ll be a tool in every manager’s tool chest to enable their teams to hit their objectives faster, with less time wasted,” said Brennan McEachran, CEO and co-founder of SoapBox. Currently, the company counts Coca-Cola and General Electric as clients.

Co-host Bruce Croxon commented that, as an investor, he would love to hear from McEachran. “I’m a big culture guy when it comes to growing small businesses into medium-sized businesses, or even large companies where their staff is it,” said Croxon.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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