#smallrooms Podcast: Mark Bailey of JobHubble on recruiting using influencers

#smallrooms podcast

Rob Kenedi talks to Mark Bailey of JobHubble, a recruitment platform that uses influencers to find candidates. Mark discusses how and why he iterated on his platform based on market feedback, why to move their business into an incubator – in this case, the Ryerson DMZ, and how to truly know when you’re on the right path with your startup.

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In the revisited series of #smallrooms, Rob reconnects with the startup to see what’s happened since the last episode (typically a year later). For the full narrative, check out the first conversation with Mark here.

Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, or #smallrooms, is a live, unfiltered podcast where Rob Kenedi talks candidly with entrepreneurs and investors about the details of starting a tech company. Get into the trenches with founders going through the process of building a technology company in real time.

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