#smallrooms Podcast: Dan Holowack‏ of CrowdRiff on visual marketing

#smallrooms podcast

Rob Kenedi sits down with Dan Holowack‏, founder of CrowdRiff, a visual marketing platform that intelligently sources images from across the Internet, including social media.

Holowack discusses bootstrapping for a long time before seeking funding, why they sought funding, when to say no to prospects, and truly evaluating what was their MVP. He also discusses how to evaluate “analytics as a business model” and how they discovered their niche and business model, including pricing.

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Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee, or #smallrooms, is a live, unfiltered podcast where Rob Kenedi talks candidly with entrepreneurs and investors about the details of starting a tech company. Get into the trenches with founders going through the process of building a technology company in real time.

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