Slack now has 1.1 million daily active users

Slack Technologies, the popular team-based communications service, recently raised $160 million in financing which brought its estimated value to be worth $2.8 billion. The company announced today that it has hired former Twitter and Google employee April Underwood as Head of Platform to lead its partnership, API integrations and developer relations.

Slack also announced today that it has over 1.1 million active users per day, which is significantly up from 500,000 daily users in February. In addition, Slack now has 300,000 paying customers, also up from 135,000 four months ago, and seeing annual recurring revenues of $25 million.

Finally, there are 100 integrations available to Slack users — such as Giphy, Mail Chimp, Crashlytics, and Zendesk — and 900,000 installs.

Slack launched last year by Stewart Butterfield, the Canadian entrepreneur who previously founded Flickr, which was later sold to Yahoo in 2005 for a reported $35 million. Slack was built by Tiny Speck, a Vancouver-based computer game startup founded in 2009. Most of the leadership at Tiny Speck came from Ludicorp, the company that built Flickr.


Ian Hardy

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