Six Nova Scotia ocean tech startups join Innovacorp’s Early Adopter Program

According to Entrevestor, six Nova Scotia ocean technology companies were selected to participate in Innovacorp’s Early Adopter Program.

The companies will receive up to $20,000 to help finance the building, operation, and testing of their products with an early adopter customer. The customers include members of the government, academic institutions, and global private companies who have agreed to provide data and feedback after the products have been tested.

The six companies include:

Xeos Technologies, a company that is developing a navigation device for ocean robotic vehicles.

Turbulent Research, a Halifax-based company that is developing a pipeline inspection tracking tool using magnetic technologies, and an underwater sensor that monitors sounds emitted by offshore construction.

Swell Advantage, which is creating a parking management platform for boaters to find new places to temporarily tie up their boats.

Blue C Designs, which is developing a battery-powered underwater camera system for fishing and survey companies.

4Deep inwater imaging, a company that is developing an underwater microscope that will help detect harmful algae species. The company also offers a software that provides automatic detection, analysis, and notification of objects in the water.

Maritime bioLoggers, a company that is creating a multi-channnel movement sensor tag for marine and terrestrial animals to help scientists and other specialists monitor and record the motion of marine wildlife.


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