SingularityU reveals MaRS’ Zayna Khayat, neuroscientist Divya Chander joining Canada Summit

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In April, Singularity University announced that from October 11 to 12, it will host the first-ever SingularityU Canada Summit, which is dedicated to inspiring Canadians to positively impact the world.

SingularityU recently revealed that among the themes to be explored at its SingularityU Canada Summit is “Exponential Health,” and just released its list of health speakers.

Some of the SingularityU Canada Summit’s exponential health speakers include Divya Chander of the faculty of medicine at Singularity University; Raymond McCauley, a biotechnology scientist; Sonny Kohli, co-founder of Cloud DX; and Zayna Khayat, the senior advisor for health system innovation at MaRs.

At the summit, the health experts will explore and discuss recent breakthroughs in healthcare. Specifically, they will discuss technologies and solutions being explored in labs, what’s evolving clinically, and what game-changing technologies will emerge in the next two to 10 years.

“By leveraging exponential technologies, we have the capacity to change our mindset from sickcare to healthcare.”

“By leveraging exponential technologies, we have the capacity to change our mindset from sickcare to healthcare, to shift to proactive, preventative, and continuous personalized care that puts the patient first,” said Oren Berkovich, CEO of the SingularityU Canada Summit. “Canada is home to many of the best medical and tech minds in the world. Exponential healthcare is an area where Canada has the opportunity to lead the world in both impact and innovation.”

In addition to innovation in healthcare, the SingularityU Canada Summit will also explore themes like nanotechnology and digital fabrication, networks and computing systems, biotechnology and bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence and robotics.

To secure a spot at the SingularityU Canada Summit, click here.

Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

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