Silicon Valley Bank wants Canadian entrepreneurs to fill out its Startup Outlook survey


Silicon Valley Bank is holding its first Startup Outlook survey in Canada.

While Silicon Valley Bank has been investing in Canada for the past 13 years on a cross-border basis from the US, the venture debt bank announced in March 2018 that it is moving into Canada.

The Startup Outlook survey looks to determine the state of Canadian startups in the same way the bank has targeted tech and life science startup founders in the UK, US, and China. The goal is to determine factors like what public policy issues are important, how many startups are taking advantage of federal funding, and how many women are in leadership roles from the perspective of the startup community.

“The Canadian tech ecosystem is in an exciting phase of development,” said Silicon Valley Bank’s head of Canada Barbara Dirks. “There are lots of great companies starting up and innovation hubs are thriving around our universities and cities across Canada. At the same time, we also know that the capital pools in Canada are smaller, companies typically don’t scale as quickly and there has been lots of discussion about how to find and keep great talent.

Interested Canadian startups can fill out the survey here. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2018.

Photo via Unsplash.

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