Shoelace co-founder explains the problem of finding a problem to solve

david berglas

With many levels of government constantly singing the praises of entrepreneurship and tighter-knit startup communities emerging across Canada, it’s no surprise that more and more people are seriously considering pursuing entrepreneurship.

But what happens when you don’t know of a problem to solve? That’s the question that David Berglas, co-founder and COO of Shoelace, attempted to answer at last month’s TechTO meetup.

“We trusted that a team would take of it,” said Berglas, who met his team at Hubba. “We quit our jobs without knowing what we were going to work on. So a lot of people thought we were super crazy.”

Instead of having an attachment to an idea, Berglas highlighted that founders can have an attachment to a strong team, and be dedicated to finding a problem to solve together.

“We had a not-good idea, which are very easy to find. And we tried to sell that to people and they said no, but we interviewed them and got feedback and turned that into a discovery,” Berglas said about how the team found their product-market fit.

Watch the whole talk below:

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