Scotiabank first of Canada’s big five banks to launch Sensibill’s receipt management platform


Scotiabank has launched Toronto-based Sensibill‘s receipt management platform to its customers.

The eReceipts platform allows Scotiabank customers to store, organize, and retrieve paper and electronic receipts as an extension of the services offered through their mobile banking app and Wallet.

“We believe that eReceipts is the next killer app for mobile banking. Receipts are cumbersome to deal with, but they are important to save for taxes, expense tracking, returns, warranty claims and more,” said Corey Gross, CEO and co-founder of Sensibill. “We’re excited to partner with Scotiabank to bring this easy-to-use, helpful service to Canadians.”

Scotiabank is the first Tier 1 Canadian bank to roll out Sensibill’s solution. The service is available to both Android and iOS users in Canada.

“Scotiabank came to the table early, and really helped us validate our ‘bank tough’ service. The solution is incredibly lightweight to plug in, but packs a big punch for Scotiabank’s customers,” said Gross.

The feature allows customers to automatically or manually capture details from paper or electronic receipts including line-item details, receipt date, totals, and store information. The app also allows users to easily search by assigning hashtags, notes, and folders to receipts, and categorize receipts by expense type.

“Value-added services like eReceipts directly align with our commitment to provide mobile banking solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Brian McCabe, VP of day-to-day Banking at Scotiabank. “We have worked to enhance Scotiabank’s My Mobile Wallet, which runs on Android devices, and our mobile banking app on iOS devices, as it supports our customers’ entire shopping experience.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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