#SalesTO explores how a culture of analytics can increase company sales

With large amounts of information available to businesses, it is important for a company’s sales teams and leaders to understand how they can use the data to drive sales.

At the latest SalesTO panel, Kyle Porter, the CEO and co-founder of SalesLoft; Chris Adamkowski, the head of industry at Google; and David Priemer, vice president of sales at Salesforce spoke to a crowd of aspiring sales leaders who can collect and analyze available to data to improve their company’s teams and increase sales.

Priemer — who announced that he will join Influitive as its VP of sales during the event — suggested the if a company wants to use data to drive sales and improve team dynamics, it’s important to maintain transparency by making sure that everyone can access and understand the data. “You want to put the metrics front and centre. You want to create a lot of transparency around those metrics so that they’re just visible to everyone,” said Priemer. “You want to make sure that your dashboards and the content you are driving all of your coaching around is clearly visible to your team.”

Porter added that leaders often have a lot of control over the culture of a company or organization and it’s helpful to create a “culture of analytics” within the team to increase sales.

The three panelists were asked to offer advice about what makes a great leader to audience members looking to build and manage a team. Priemer emphasized that a leader’s success is rooted in caring about the individual members of a team, building a strong relationship with them, and addressing their needs.

“It’s all about people,” said Priemer. “The idea is that we care about people personally. Do I feel a connection to the people and the business and the leadership that comes from caring? It’s not something you can fake.”

Watch the full panel below:

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