Rogers enlists SamKnows to prove its broadband speeds are Canada’s fastest

Rogers and SamKnows, an independent broadband performance testing company based out of London, have teamed up to prove that Canada’s largest cable provider is also the country’s fastest.

In a study released to the public on July 4th, Rogers enlisted around 600 participants on speed tiers between 6Mbps and 150Mbps down (and 256kbps and 10Mbps up) in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to attach a small white box to their Rogers routers, which gave SamKnows access to speed test data taken at intervals. The survey found that Rogers’ cable network was, time and time again, faster than anything else available in Canada — up to 3x faster, in fact — and ahead of the curve compared to other countries.


What this proves is that long gone are the days of cable congestion; even at the lower-speed tiers, customers were consistently able to achieve performance above 100% of their advertised.

While the survey does not address price — the United States and Europe typically charge less per/GB than their Canadian counterparts — users are certainly seeing higher-than-average advertised speeds.

Source: SamKnows (PDF)
Via: Newswire

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