Revlo taps into one of the world’s newest spectator sports on #TheDisruptors


Revlo, an early stage company that helps video game streamers drive fan engagement, pitched this week on The Disruptors.

Video gaming is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest spectator sports — and Revlo wants to take advantage. “It’s a $4 billion market, and now these gamers are entered into pots where they could win multi-millions. It’s quickly becoming a huge industry.” said co-host Amber Kanwar.

As mentioned, Revlo allows streamers to reward their fans in order to drive loyalty. For example, someone that manages to watch 100,000 minutes of a single stream can get something like a Facebook friend request from the person hosting the stream.

“We built a solution that allows broadcasters to more easily interact with their audience and build fan loyalty with custom currency for every minute fans spend on their channel,” said co-founder and CEO James Sun.

“Our product is also the only one that allows celebrity broadcasters to be able to have their moderator manage their product on their behalf.”


Disclosure: BetaKit is a partner in the production of The Disruptors.