Report: US tech workers more likely to search for Canadian jobs


Indeed has released a report that studies the rise in numbers of US tech workers applying for jobs in Canada.

In particular, the report identifies a greater interest among tech job seekers than in any other sector. The new data could represent a growth in opportunities for talent, especially in tech hubs such as Ottawa or Toronto.

The report credits the recent boom in the Canadian technology industry to investments from global tech companies, and the eagerness of Canadian cities to host Amazon’s second headquarters. This project is will cost over $5 billion and create 50,000 jobs.

In addition to the appeal of the current technology scene in Canada, the opposition to the Trump administration in America is also mentioned as a reason for this increased interest in moving to Canada. The Indeed data shows that the 2016 presidential election prompted a spike in US job searchers in Canada, with a greater size of tech spikes compared with the spikes for all workers. A recent Hired report also confirmed this sentiment, with Canada being considered a top choice for US tech workers considering relocation.


The report, released earlier this month, looks at search trends, specifically US to Canada search patterns with the existing advantages of proximity and cultural similarity in mind. The data, which studies the total share of clicks on Canadian jobs that come from US job seekers, shows that when US job seekers search in a foreign market, about 12 percent of them are selecting Canadian jobs. A preference for Canadian tech postings is made clear, with 30 percent of all US job seekers selecting tech postings outside the US in a six-month period that ends in May 2017. This number is 23 percent more from the same period last year.


Overall, the report establishes that though US job seekers account for just under two percent of total Canadian clicks, the US is still the largest source of international searches for Canadian jobs. The point to consider is that the number of searches for tech jobs is slightly higher. The findings also indicate that the most popular roles with US tech job seekers are software engineer, database administrator, and machine learning engineer.

Indeed data highlights the most appealing cities for US tech workers, with Toronto accounting for the highest share of any city. The report states that Toronto received 46 percent of all clicks on Canadian tech jobs, and considers the fact that Toronto gets the highest share of US clicks for all jobs. Vancouver and Montreal take second and third position with 15 and seven percent of clicks respectively.

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The study factors in city area size to compare each area’s share of US tech clicks to its share of US clicks for all jobs. “Of the top ten most populated metro areas, five receive a higher share of tech clicks than clicks for all jobs, meaning those metro areas are disproportionately popular with US tech-job seekers,” the report reads.


Aeman Ansari

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