Product Hunt Toronto books top startup talent from around city

Its first meetup in a now-bimonthly tradition didn’t bring quite the same number of revellers as that of the latest San Francisco chapter, but Product Hunt TO is well on its way to becoming one of the most important in Toronto’s growing lineup.


Hosted at the HIGHLINE headquarters in the downtown core (disclosure: BetaKit’s office is located in the co-working space of HIGHLINE’s Toronto campus), the room packed over 120 people to hear Breanna Hughes of Wattpad (formerly of Pivotal Labs) present on agile product management and its implications for the companies in the room. Spoiler: Always Be Coding.


Then the retail-oriented product demos began, from Hubba to Rover to Tulip Retail. All three companies sell B2B solutions that purport to improve the retail experience for the merchant and, in turn, the customer, and it was easy to fall for their charms. All are relatively young companies, but their eagerness to truly effect change in the retail space, which has long lay stagnant, begging for disruption, was infectious.


Those interested in attending future Product Hunt Toronto events can go here for more information.

Thanks to Brian Simon of Tarsipix for the awesome photos!

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