Product-Focused Bootcamp Opens in Toronto

ThoughtKite launches its first series of weekend and evening courses starting April 11th out of Workhaus and Workplace One. Increasing product literacy is a core cause driving the bootcamp’s existence; Ian Gerald King, Founder, explains how ThoughtKite’s chief aim is to “empower entrepreneurially-minded individuals with the foundational skill set in product development to build for launch.”

Formerly of HIGHLINE and BrainStation, Ian has seen the gaps that exist in product education for aspiring entrepreneurs who are still working at their day jobs. Immersive programs at tech bootcamps require their students to leave their jobs for several weeks in the hopes of becoming junior developers post-program. However, not everyone wants to become employed as a developer – many, instead, want the product skills necessary to validate, build and launch prototypes of their various business ideas in the hopes that one will take off and allow them to quit their jobs thereafter.

For this product-focused population, the immersive programs are misaligned with their goals and the evening courses are not adequate enough to foster their abilities in product development. With this in mind, Ian reached out to Jean-Luc David to structure ThoughtKite’s 12-weekend flagship course on iOS Product Development. It is an immersive bootcamp structure experienced on weekends so that students can still maintain their employment. ThoughtKite is also hosting evening courses on Product Design and Lean Product Growth to compliment Jean-Luc’s flagship course.

“Toronto is a growing startup ecosystem and deserves the best product education for its population of aspiring entrepreneurs just waiting to manifest their ideas,” said Ian. “There is room for more participants in the startup education space as we continue to add value to future founders.”


Ian Hardy

Ian is publisher at MobileSyrup. He's been quietly creating and building things for years and is completely addicted to Tim Hortons.

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