Points.com co-founder explains how its loyalty platform keeps customers coming back


Loyalty programs are nothing new in the retail space, but Points.com, a Toronto-based public company, is helping its customers see the value in its loyalty platform built for digital.

Bruce Croxon, co-host of The Disruptors, sat down with Points.com president and co-founder Christopher Barnard to talk about how their platform makes it easy for companies to establish loyalty programs (Disclosure: Croxon sits on the board of Points.com).

Points.com manages loyalty programs for companies that want to tap into separate loyalty programs that customers are already part of. “Instead of offering a new loyalty program, companies can tap into dozens of programs that you’re already a member of. And the average North American is part of 29 different loyalty programs,” said Barnard.

Points.com also offers a loyalty wallet which allows customers to access all their loyalty programs in one place, rather than “become fatigued,” as Croxon put it, with multiple programs. RBC, one of Points.com’s customers, uses Points.com’s loyalty wallet to power its loyalty section of their digital wallet.

“We have more access to loyalty programs around the world than any other company in the world,” Barnard said. “Most importantly, we have real transactional access and we can actually manage a transaction from start to finish, move the points around and pay everyone who needs to be paid in the proposition.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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