Pilly says its mobile pharmacy platform helps patients feel “in control” of their health

For people who take medicine on a regular basis, that means a lot of time spent waiting around at pharmacies for refills and renewals on medications.

To streamline the process of getting prescription refills, Pilly, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, has launched a mobile pharmacy platform. On the platform, users can take a picture of their prescriptions and send it to Pilly’s partner pharmacies, who will deliver the medications to a patient’s desired location.

“We’re disrupting the way patients interact with pharmacies,” said Ahmad Elkalza, Pilly’s co-founder and product manager. “We feel that the level of communication we’re presenting within our platform actually leads to better adherence to medication and…makes people feel a lot more in control of how they’re dealing with their medication.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon says he sees Pilly as a “cool little idea” but also “a small one,” pointing out that some pharmacies have already automated the process of getting refills on medications.

Watch the full presentation below:

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One reply on “Pilly says its mobile pharmacy platform helps patients feel “in control” of their health”
  1. Avatarsays: frizk

    I tried using Pilly last week. Here’s what happened:

    I uploaded my prescription the day before Easter long weekend and requested a delivery the day of – which was described as after 5:30pm. 5:30pm came and passed and I hadn’t received a call from the pharmacy or an email from Pilly.

    I reached out to the email address that I was told to reach out to in regards to an order – it bounced. Not trying to think too much about it I simply replied to the original confirmation email inquiring about the status of my order. I got an email from one of the co-founders letting me know that due to the holidays they can’t deliver my prescription until Easter Sunday evening or Monday morning. I replied and said Sunday evening is fine and though nothing of it – hiccups happen.

    I woke up Friday morning to an email from the founder again telling me that the pharmacy is unable to fill my prescription this weekend with an apology. What surprised me was that there was no alternative. I expected something like this “…..can’t deliver it this weekend. What day would work for you?” But there was nothing. Just a one-liner from the co-founder. So I responded back and asked what my options were. I also let him know that I was a little disappointed and a few concerning things have happened so far (an excerpt from the email I sent him):

    “1. You didn’t reach out to me to let me know that you won’t be able to fulfill the order. I had to initiate contact.

    2. The email address you asked me to email if I had any questions bounced.

    3. I’ve yet to hear back from the pharmacy directly as promised by the first email.

    I do want this to succeed as I really think this is the future of pharmacy.

    Just wanted to share that with you. Hopefully this serves to help turn this experience around.”

    I awaited his response and hoped to really turn this experience around. I sent this email on Friday afternoon and expected a response by the end of the day at the very least. I didn’t hear a thing all weekend and keep in mind that I’m also waiting for my prescription to be filled.

    The weekend had passed so Monday morning I decided to call the Pilly number that’s listed on their website. I called it twice to no avail. At this point I got pretty worried so I decided to email another co-founder. I googled his name, found his email, and shot him an email. I got a response in 13 minutes. He apologized for what had happened and told me that he contacted the other co-founder. He said the other co-founder is taking my feedback seriously and they will work to turn this hiccup around and assured me that my private health information is secure and will never be compromised. He then said that he’s no longer with the company.

    I thanked him and said that I was hoping to hear back from Pilly soon because I still don’t know when I should expect my prescription. He responded swiftly to let me know that Pilly hadn’t planned on contacting me and that I should take my prescription elsewhere!

    I couldn’t believe that they preferred to speak to me via proxy instead of just reaching out to me and owning up to this terrible experience. I can’t believe a startup exists in 2017 that fails to realize that the Customer Experience is the new battleground. They have the same exact offering as PopRx but what could differentiate them is the Experience they offer to their customers – but nope, they think they’re just gonna win out just because.

    All in all this was a brutal first experience and I really do hope the co-founder reads this review and realizes the ramifications of stranding a customer.

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