Picatic launches new freemium payment model


Vancouver-based Picatic, the digital ticketing platform for event management, announced the launch of a new freemium payment model for event planners yesterday. The new freemium model means the elimination of service fees for event planners, which often leads to those fees being passed down to attendees.

“We want to be an advocate for the ticket buyer and the event planner. We want to empower buyers, empower organizers and bring people together,” said Jayesh Parmar, CEO of Picatic. “Our solution is simple to use for both parties so the focus can be on delivering an event that creates memories and inspires culture.”

Picatic had previously utilized a “pay what you want” business model (stay tuned for an upcoming BetaKit feature on the lessons Picatic learned from this model). By implementing clear Basic and Pro payment options, the company has indicated that it will eliminate the pressure for customers to pay a dividend when using Picatic’s basic features.

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit and founder of BetaKit Incorporated. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.

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