Pelmorex acquires Addictive Mobility as part of shift to provide data solutions


Pelmorex has acquired mobile advertising company Addictive Mobility.

With over 40 million consumers globally, Weather Network’s parent company is working to move past its identity as a weather information service and evolving into a data-driven business. To reflect this, Pelmorex launched its Pelmorex Weather Networks Division and the Pelmorex Data Solutions Division, and recently added a location tracking section dedicated to stores and airports.

“Today’s acquisition strengthens our position as a mobile advertising leader in Canada, enabling us to deliver more data and deeper insights to our Canadian marketing partners,” said Sam Sebastian, CEO of Pelmorex and former Canadian head of Google.

“We’re excited to leverage Addictive’s expertise in targeting, creative development and media buying. Over the past seven years, the company’s end-to-end solutions have helped marketers better understand mobile data to plan, execute, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns.”

Addictive Mobility reinforces existing goals at Pelmorex, including a focus on weather and media, sharing user location data, and studying the ways in which its services are used. Through this acquisition, Pelmorex will be able to have better access to information that will allow it to easily execute mobile advertising campaigns. Addictive Mobility will track users through IDs attached to mobile devices and help in targeting users with advertisements that appeal to their lifestyle and needs.

“We’re looking forward to working with Pelmorex to provide richer offerings in the Canadian market, powering programmatic reach extension to increase scale in both media and data,” said Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility. “As a leader in the Canadian mobile ad-tech space, we will continue to deliver the premium quality of service and technological innovation, however, this time with the support of Pelmorex.”

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