PasswordBox Will Now Use Bionym’s ECG-Sensing Tech for Authentification

PasswordBox has inked a partnership with Toronto-based wearable tech startup Bionym (the startup everyone loves), to add ECG-sensing biometric technology to PasswordBox’s security features.

It’s mainly for PasswordBox app users who are also wearing their Nymi band, Bionym’s flagship product, and the Nymi has to be connected to their smartphones. The Nymi band uses users’ unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate their identity, allowing users to wirelessly take control of computers, smartphones, cars and more.

PasswordBox, winner of the best Mobile App at CES 2014, allows millions of users to conveniently and securely store, retrieve, create, and share passwords anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The partnership will enable PasswordBox users, who are also wearing the Nymi wristband, to instantly login to their devices, websites and apps. It’s all done through the Nymi’s mutli-factor security authentication, eliminating the need for multiple user names and passwords.

Once an individual’s identity is authenticated, the Nymi provides persistent identity authentication backed by that person’s unique biometric (the ECG), and a multi-factor security system. PasswordBox users will be able to use automatic lock, unlock and sign-in capabilities. Hands-free, secure, seamless login is now possible.

“This partnership is a perfect fit for our users who put a premium on security and seamless instant access to their digital assets,” said PasswordBox CEO Dan Robichaud. “Our popular 1-Tap login together with the Nymi bracelet will help bring our users closer to the future of online identity.”

The partnership between PasswordBox and Bionym will give every Nymi customer a free lifetime subscription to PasswordBox. It’s available to anyone who has preordered a Nymi, and to customers who order a Nymi until July 2015. Customers who have already preordered a Nymi will receive an email with a PasswordBox VIP invitation to sign up for the service immediately.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with PasswordBox to help make our vision of seamless and secure account access a reality,” added Bionym’s Karl Martin.

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